A New Retreat

A couple weeks ago The WordHouse, the missional community I pastor, went on a retreat. It was, really, a vacation with friends. The weekend was a lot more casual than the more programmed church retreats I’ve participated in and even led.

We rented a cabin in the heart of a small, old foothill town near the Sierras in California. We planned some, and I prepared with others before we left, but when we got there our weekend unfolded before us as we decided what we wanted to do. We talked and ate, played with and cared for one of our community members (an 18 month-old baby), explored Main Street, particularly the bakery/coffee shop, drank wine from a local winery’s tasting room, and set up two prayer stations and sang worship songs accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

In retrospect, we could have planned more and had a firmer schedule. And we’ll do some more of that next time. But we can’t lose the flexibility and freshness of choosing what we’ll will do in each God-given moment, what we’ll talk about over lunch, where we’ll walk to this time, and decide as a community what the community wants to do.

Raise your glass to retreating with friends!