Who Cares About Natural Resources?

(NPR-Tom Purcell/Flickr) 

Recently a large redwood tree in Northern California toppled over in the rain. Many years ago, we cut a hole straight through the trunk and, for our enjoyment and delight – thinking perhaps the tree might last forever – cars drove on through. The tree lasted centuries long before we helped knock it down in less than one. 

During this season in which the Redwood Tree toppled, the people of Flint, Michigan have unclean water. Closer to my home in Sacramento, water regulators have been trying to put toxins (of which they hope will make dirty water clean) in the drinking supply instead of trusting the natural purification process.

To grow the US oil supply (for said cars and commerce) we are ordering a pipeline into the path of our Native ancestors sacred land, ignoring their rights including our original promises, disregarding their sovereignty. 

Water, oil, and toxins. What a tangled web we weave.

And as a people, because of our elected president and government, we just weakened accountability and are removing restrictions on business for immediate financial profit, ignoring the pollution we put into the air we breathe. We seem to trust market forces instead of people who are intelligent and have devoted their lives to our natural environment.

For our amusement, growth, and bank accounts, we use our natural resources believing Mother Earth will keep on giving, as if what we do will not affect her or ourselves. Let me be clear. We are driving a stake straight through our foundation of life. But we keep driving. Not satisfied because we do not trust God to provide for our needs, we will never, ever have enough. 

Or will we? 

Do you hear it? Do you see it? The redwood tree is beginning to creak; its evergreen needles starting to fade.