If The Rapture Don’t Happen

This is part of a letter I sent to my missional faith community…

All kidding aside re: subject title, I’m actually really saddened and upset. Something this serious – people being “saved” or rescued by God while others are left to suffer because they don’t believe – is just awful.

There are people who have been preparing for years, i.e. quitting jobs, not saving money, etc, as well as those who have now another reason to claim Christianity is absurd because an influential pastor has figured out the Day of Judgement will occur tomorrow. Let alone he’s been wrong before, as well as the countless others before him, or that Jesus says we won’t know the day our the hour (Matt 24:42-44).

Now it’s possible that Jesus will come back from heaven tomorrow, but it won’t be because he can’t or won’t on any other day. Perhaps Jesus coming again gives us hope (and I think it should) … or condemnation to wicked evil doers who don’t change their ways means justice (which it also should) … but all this talk about the rapture tomorrow and the joking (unless it’s to keep from crying) is just too much.

Okay, enough on my soapbox.