Faith & Emergence

(Photo by Adele Sakler)

Last Thursday Doug Pagitt and I hosted an event called Spirituality Pub: Faith & Emergence.

Well, he did most of the talking during the presentation part. But I did open up the event (among other things organize and take care of location logistics) and a couple wonderful parts of the evening came from a couple other folks, including those who stayed for the “conversation” piece during the 2nd half. Michael Toy read a couple poignant original poems and Adele Sakler shared some of her struggles with Christianity and yet why she still hangs around progressive Christians.

Doug spent most of his talk discussing faith and spirituality from “the ground up” and as something pulling us together, regardless of how one labels it. For a Christian, one would call it the Holy Spirit at work or God being greater and yet also smaller as the undeniable fabric we all live in, from atoms in our bodies to the atoms in the stars and a pulse transmitted through high tech scientific devices around the world.

What also is coming to the surface in the West, even among people of other religions or spiritual claims, is a humility and community of care for one another, of engaging someone on their terms, by drawing them in to
relationship and even perhaps one’s understanding of God as opposed to being forced to relationship and one way of thinking, believing, behaving or even being.

I had a wonderful evening connecting with people from all over Northern California interested in a friendly and yet throughly rich approach to being people of Spirit. We at The WordHouse are already thinking of hosting similar events in the future on faith and its intersection with societal concerns. Maybe Doug will be running another 50 miler soon in Nor Cal and will need another necessary distraction?