Year End

Should I really write and end-of-the-year blogpost? I’m not sure, but it looks like that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m compelled by a desire to not not communicate. Lord knows I don’t write here enough anyways.

These have always seemed weird to me, the quick rewind over the last year or a note in reflection. If one is to live into the moment, slowly and centered as God seems to direct for one’s path, it seems odd and inappropriate to recount the past and tell you about it. I mean, you have your own life to review and live into and so do I. It might not be safe for me to share, anyways. But I’ve realized this year how structure and set moments to plan and reflect are really helpful. Even someone kicking things off by sharing their own thoughts first is a good thing.

Here’s what I’ve seen this year:

• Relational growth and depth among people in the communities I participate in, from The WordHouse, Faith Presbyterian Church, the Sacramento Presbytery and Old Soul coffeehouses, to name a few.

• For those who have “moved on” for work, career, and family reasons over the last few years the bonds we have because of our sharing in Christ (whether we have intentionally or not) continue despite the less frequent get togethers or traditional participation in our faith communities.

• I became ordained. After being officially recognized and called as a Teaching Elder, I still have a difficult time describing the gravitas of it all.

• My relationship with my wife continues to grow and deepen. For her I am very grateful.

This life is mystical. Really. We can plan and strategize, and that can be helpful, but we really don’t know what’s going to happen. This is why life is so beautiful, especially for those who are after God’s heart, as they say, or whatever is really true and noble in life.

As you reflect on your own 2013 calendar year, may you stay connected to who you are and go after a life truly worth living in 2014, for your sake, God’s sake and for the sake of our larger community.

Hope to see you next year.