So, I was welcomed into the presbytery.

Anywho. Everyone who passes examination comes back to the room or hall – this time a sanctuary – to applause. It’s a nice gesture, a welcoming act by those who hold gate-keeping power and have just heard you share your heart, and a wonderful way to enter the next phase of ministry.

I was actually thrown a little off guard at the beginning of the examination. I knew I would be asked to share a favorite scripture from the Bible and it’s importance to me. As the first of 4 people to be examined however, I assumed this meant the question would be offered to me after I read my Statement of Faith, which typically is the norm (you can find my SoF on  yesterday’s blogpost). No, answering the scripture question was the starting point of the examination, not just a kick off to the formal opportunity for Q&A. Three folks asked me questions, based on their reading prior my Statement, and although that time is now a blur to me, they were really softball questions. Like tell us about how your prior church relationships have influenced you as an Evangelist (that one I remember. See: slow pitch, down the plate). As I told someone afterwards, I hardly hit them out of the infield.

Still, however, kind of a big deal.