Missional Community: Life Together – Ask the Question

Last week I wrote that Life Together – an integrated spiritual life – formed after Jesus’ actual life and teaching is crucial for Christ-centered living and worship. This means that churches might need to reimagine and re-organize how they operate, what they do when they gather for worship, how to fellowship with one another and be on mission (i.e. serve) in their communities and the world.

These are the foundational issues I hope to address – and hopefully live some answers – as an ordained Evangelist in my denomination and as pastor of The WordHouse. Oh heck, just as a person seeking to follow in the way of Jesus.

But how do we do this? How do we live Life Together? It’s easy to offer suggestions, and if it primes the pump, that’s wonderful. But to answer the question well – if it’s to be organic and derived from the Source – it needs to be asked individually in Jesus-inspired community, with scripture of course (our history of God’s unfolding story). Otherwise, from the start, my discernment of God’s inspiration is not fully realized. The flow is blocked. Presbyterians – it’s literally “out of order.” And for everyone, the “priesthood of all believers” is not being lived out to its fullest.

The first question is simple, if we believe we have a connection with God and in some way possibly comprehend what God may desire for us in the moment. That question then is this: What is Jesus saying to me? (Or, How is God leading me? Or, What is the Spirit doing in my life? Or, What is the Divine sparking within me? Or… something along these lines.)

In community, in prayer, this is where to begin. Others can help, or provide a model, or point to scripture, or influence for good or ill, but without this question asked by yourself in some fashion you fail to make your relationship with God personal and intimate. Philosophically speaking, you cut yourself off from acting like a full-fledged (Adult) Child of God.

Cry and whine as I do, I’m tired of spiritual milk when there’s so much more taste and see. Understanding what Jesus is saying strengthens my weary bones.

Next time then, I’ll offer some ways that this question is informing how myself and a few others are living Life Together.


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