Washing Feet: Beautiful Humility, Beautiful Life

Today is Maundy Thursday in the Christian calendar. I am struck and stuck by the image of the Teacher and Holy Man stooping to gently wash his students and apprentices feet. Feet get gross, and when you walk around in just sandals and bathe only occasionally – well you can imagine how humbling this is for both the servant and those who are served.

There’s so much crap in this world. People hating people. People thinking they don’t harm anyone. People hating people for hating people. People dying and losing parents and loved ones. People struggling to live a good, free and noble life. Put simply, this world is a mess.

So then subtly and yet noticeably comes this image – the Master becoming lower than his Students. What kind of love is this? What manner of love?  It cannot be contained. It’s only partly understood. It lovingly overwhelms if you let it.

In our world today – on and offline – I yearn for this beautiful humility, this beautiful life. Can it be found in our neighborhoods and networks?


One thought on “Washing Feet: Beautiful Humility, Beautiful Life

  1. Amen. We must be His hands and feet, there is no other way.

    The Cross of Christ, where pain and suffering meet LOVE in a beautiful collision, the divine fusion that is our salvation. }:-

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