Feelings – Don’t Ignore Them

Growing up I’ve been taught – sometimes not on purpose, and sometimes to my face – to ignore my feelings. Even in the church. Feelings lead you down dark paths for which hell and/or hammering another nail into Jesus’ wrist on the cross would be the end result. Either option is scary. And feelings are for weak-willed and feeble-mined people. And you’re strong, right?

I see this kind belief and teaching still creep its head or be the basis for one’s relationship with God in Jesus. Oh that this were not that the case. See, quite the opposite is true. It takes a lot of courage to feel your feelings.

Have you heard Jesus’ emotionally-charged and compassionate Sermon of the Mount? Have you read about him weeping and being disturbed in spirit? Have you seen him sweat drops of blood before being arrested?

Perhaps our feelings are like spiritual antennas. If you hear them, stay and learn from them, instead of trying to ignore, you might find your feelings are an appropriate response to something going on in the world or in your life. To continue the analogy, you may find a connection with the Spirit of God even as a life-long Christian you have not encountered before.

Spiritual reservoirs open up to us when we aren’t afraid of our feelings. Your feelings may, thanks be to God, save you, and just as importantly save someone else from a particular form of hell on earth. Or maybe you will just stay true and pure of heart. “God has given you a heart of flesh, and not of stone.” Don’t harden your heart. Wade into the waters.


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