Church and The WordHouse (End of Year Support)

Greetings, friends!

Many of us in the Church have heard that the “sky is falling.” Perhaps we’ve seen it in the dwindling attendance numbers and the low membership rolls, especially among younger adults and young families. Devotion to the church has seemingly become something of the past. Where did they go? Why do they not care about God, we may ask?

People are forming community among friends and neighbors, gathering in homes, coffeehouses, pubs and restaurants with others who are open, honest, and loving.

Many younger people are focusing their energy in civic areas of life, working for the good of all and caring for their city among those who respect and value their gifts and talents.

We’ve also noticed some people of all ages live without a Jesus-inspired community, because their church experience has not helped them journey in the way of Christ.

If you take a closer look, however, the sky is not falling. The skies are opening up.

God is in the neighborhood. The Holy Spirit is in the places people work and play, and surrounds the activities done for the good of all. Fresh visions of communal life and discipleship are inspiring God’s people to live like Jesus. God’s Spirit is pouncing upon cracked earth causing new life to sprout.

During the Advent and Christmas Seasons we not only wait for the Lord but we prepare the way, make his paths straight and then graciously see Christ humbly arrive. At The WordHouse, we are making a way for Jesus Christ and for many young adults to know him and experience Good News. Won’t you partner with us? Your support will help us provide places for voices to be heard and to make disciples who make disciples in this exciting, Spirit-filled day. To God be the glory.


Check: Presbytery of Sacramento, The WordHouse, 9983 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento CA 95827

Grace and peace,

Rev. Jeffrey O. Richards


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