Epiphany – Surprise, Surprise

It’s Epiphany. So Christmas is officially over.

Today is a traditional Christian celebration of the wise men – non-Jewish spiritual leaders who read the stars (astrologers and/or scientists?) – that protected a conceived out-of-wedlock Jewish baby boy whom they believed to be “the one” and honored him with unique gifts.

This would have been an outrage.

This would have been entirely inappropriate.

There’s no way they would have worshiped God correctly, let alone known he was the Son of God, the Messiah or the Christ. And wait – did you see how Jesus was born on earth?

And yet the “wise men” did.

Matthew 2:1-12 records the story of the magi¬†finding Jesus because they followed their own religion and worshipped Jesus in their Eastern custom when they came upon him. They also protected Mary and “Step-Father” Joseph’s son from potential death at the hands of a blood-thirsty jealous King.

You never know who will honor and worship Jesus – they might be someone who’s seemingly far off. But by God’s presence and their seeking after truth they are able to follow and find Jesus, even worship God by their own customs. In spirit and in truth as they say.

Just like some of us already have. May we make room for brothers and sisters such as these. Jesus is truly Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and worthy of all good gifts this Epiphany, even if we think our lives are outrageous or inappropriate.


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