The WordHouse – A Missional Community

Faith Presbyterian Church of Sacramento has been a huge supporter of my “ministry of community”. Below is an article I wrote for their April newsletter about my “house church”. As the Church continues to wrestle with how to be church in our day and age, maybe this will provide some more insight fuel. And, as a nod to Bruce Reyes-Chow and others who claim “old” and “new” expressions of faith need each other, The WordHouse is but one example.

Where do I begin? There are so many layers and inter-connections which have brought me to missional community (or house church) ministry. I am worried I would miss something in the telling, and I want you to get the whole story. But perhaps after reading, you’ll at least know in part… and after writing, I’ll know more as well. Suffice it to say, because of what God is doing my mind is blown and my heart sometimes feels like fire.

What has come way before me is now swirling in the wind and taking shape, luring me, calling me to come close and chase after it.

There’s a desire, perhaps even an awakening, in our God-made world to: be in unity even in diversity; express and realize all that we were created to be, even when what we are and what we will be remains sacredly mysterious; participate, produce and have an impact, just as others undoubtedly leave and will continue to make their mark upon us. We want – no, need – to be in community. As people “reborn from above”, we yearn for it. Sure at times we need solitude, but we are always brought back to community. Life in Christ is never solely, God and I. It is always part of God and We.

This is why a small group of friends, and friends of friends who soon became friends, started to come together weekly to intentionally be in community. To share the happenings of our lives, to support and encourage one another, to worship God and pray together, to experiment with necessarily creative ways in order to serve one another and our neighbors; we eat, discuss, pray and worship together. We break bread and tell God’s story as it unfolds in our lives. We meet in homes, in coffee shops and bars – for this is where the people are. This is why our fluid community exists. To make space for people to functionally expand and grow their faith and relationship with God through Jesus Christ in the midst of their normal, chaotic, everyday life.

This is why The WordHouse exists. We are created by God to fellowship and come together in ways that express and make known God’s loving and intentional kingdom. In other words, we are to be community.

The wind is blowing. It’s been blowing since the beginning of time. May the Spirit take us where it wills.


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