RE: Ministry Support Letter

Thanks for the feedback, on and off this blog. Your input – while it might have been obvious to you – is appreciated.

It was a little difficult to keep this letter to 1 page, but I think we’ve got it. Please spread around (or this blog post, rather) to folks you think should see it. If you would like a hardcopy send me an email and when they’re printed I’ll get it to you.

So, without further pixels:

“Dear friend and co-worker in Christ’s kingdom,You may or may not know where (and how) I’ve been ministering lately. But if you would, please allow me to share:

Starting a couple years ago in Sacramento, I have been a part of a group cultivating Christ-like community and deepening Christian faith. In this community I have been like a pastor – providing and sharing vision, organization and care, as well as creating space to worship God. This community formed out of a desire to know and be known. Specifically, to know and know we are known by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and to know and be known by other people.

To be the community God in Jesus Christ is calling us, we try to embody welcome, hospitality, intimacy, grace and justice. Our gatherings occur in each others’ homes and other “everyday” places. We eat together. Share our happiness and heart-aches – and everything in-between – together. We pray for each other, those we love and even our enemies together. We converse over scripture, receive and share God’s word with one another. We worship God in song together, as well as in our relationships and work. We encourage and support each other to serve appropriately and creatively. Each meeting has a particular structural emphasis, but we leave it up to God and those gathered to determine what we actually do, because God’s Spirit is in our midst.

Most in our small community are in their 20s and 30s beginning their working careers (some with jobs, some without). All are on their own faith journey in which we all participate. We are diverse and seek to honor one another above ourselves. Our gatherings enable us to ask questions and share answers, allow hurt and pain to ease or surface, to receive and sense God’s healing presence and propel us toward right action.

Your support will enable me to more-fully shepherd this faith community as we take root, grow and be an encouragement to non-Christians and Christian communities alike. May these be non-exhaustive options to consider in partnering with me/us:

  • offering monthly financial support
  • a one-time or periodic financial gift
  • prayer
  • encouraging your own community to be incarnational

In God’s grace and peace,

Jeffrey O. Richards, M. Div

P.S. Please send any money (in my name) through this local church, for accountability reasons: Faith Presbyterian Church, 625 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95831″


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